DIY Polikarbonat Çikolata Kalıp Jöle Kalıp Pişirme Tepsi Polikarbonat Lover Kalp 3D Şeker Araçları PC Çikolata Kalıp

  • Birim Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 12cm x 12cm x 4cm (4.72in x 4.72in x 1.57in)

Stok durumu: Stokta var
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1.Material:100% consumption level of polycarbonate.
2.Green product,conforms to the American FDA quality,innoxious,no peculiar smell,fadeless and easy to clean,durable for long time use.
3.Can be used in oven.
4.Great product for baking chocolate.
5.Suitable for microwave oven and refrigerator.
6.Product size:L27.5*W13.5*H2.4CM
Care Point:
1.Do not use direct heat of fire to prevent product damage and injuries.
2.Do not use other heating appliances other than microwave and oven.
3.Do not under prolonged heating or heating undecorated case.
4.Please thaw and then heated,otherwise the product will rupture.
5.When washing,use a sponge(gauze) and neutral detergent.
6.Do not use steel wool,metal cloth and other rough materials,they may scratch the product.
7.High quality polycarbonate material,and through the FDA and SGS certification.

  • Tipi: Pişirme ve Pastacılık Araçları
  • özellik: Stoklanan
  • Marka Adı: Fabsolem
  • malzeme: Plastik
  • Pişirme ve Pastacılık Araçları Türü: çikolata Kalıp
  • Kit Sayı: 1
  • belgeleme: FDA